The future of drilling isn’t coming. It’s already here.

The DD600’s 600,000 lbs of thrust and pullback and 100,000 ft·lbs of torque mean you can take on big jobs in tough soil conditions—but this drill is about more than raw power. With a design based on customer feedback, it also boasts state-of-the-art, industry-leading features.

Get 600,000 lbs of thrust AND PULLBACK, up to 130 rpm rotary speeds, and 100,000 ft·lbs of torque for demanding jobs in tough conditions.
No need for diesel exhaust fluid (DEF), lowering costs and reducing downtime.
Designed to transport without removing the wrenches, you’ll save hours in disassembly time.
Hydraulic catwalk with fold-down handrails and waist-high cable and hose connections allow for an easier setup.
New open-top wrench design and dual rotation cylinders guarantee easier servicing and greater reliability.
Redesigned, climate-controlled cabin gives operators extra comfort and a wide-angle, unobstructed view of the drill.

A great fit for all maxi-rig units, the P750 features low cylinder speeds that increase pump life and cut operating costs.

Built with a fully hydraulic catwalk and foldout walkway, this machine will have you up and earning in no time.


Get the strong parts and reliable dealer support you need to conquer every job that gets in your way.


From parts and labor to the engine and transmission, our machines are protected from bumper to bumper, so you can go face down a day of hard work at full throttle—with no worries.