Horizontal Directional Drills

Large Utility and Pipeline

DD-110 (5)


Don’t let the compact size fool you, these mid-size rigs are built with a maxi-rig mentality. They are powerful, productive, reliable, and built for today’s workload.

The DD-110 is offered through your local Ditch Witch dealer and is backed by local parts and support.

Our DD-240T is a fully configurable mid-sized rig, configured for your needs, packed with power, and fitted with the latest technology.


Our maxi-rig class of HDD rigs have become the go-to for large utility and pipeline installation.  We understand up-time and how important it is to keep your rigs running. That’s why we strive to manufacture powerful rigs, built to last, and backed by 24/7 service and support.




DD-660 (3)