Inside Our Manufacturing

American Augers was founded in 1970, focusing on the production of the auger boring machine. Today the product lines span Auger Boring, HDD, Trenchers, and Surface Miners. Our facilities are 241,000 square feet of building space located on just under 30 acres of land in West Salem, Ohio.

In order to have the highest level of control over the manufacturing process, a large majority of the work is done in-house, including machining, electrical, and hydraulics. American Augers holds an ISO 9001:2015 license which allows for complete traceability of our products through the entire manufacturing process.


American Augers is able to burn parts from 16 gauge to 6-inch-thick plate and saw up to 16-inch-thick steel tubing. “A rugged end product is our focus from start to finish,” said Jim Buchanan, Plant Manager, “so thicker or harder steels are designed into areas that continually see heavy working loads.” All raw materials used in our machines are 100% traceable back to the steel mills they came from.


We have always had a customer-focused manufacturing process, which means that our rigs are configurable based on the customer’s needs. Because of this, welders and fabricators work off drawings and build parts by hand. Quality checks are part of every step, with the last step before pre-fitting being the most critical. Quality Control checks the parts made in-house and from vendors using Faro arms to check dimensions against the blueprints. A robot has been implemented into the welding process, alongside skilled craftsmen, to do some of the more tedious and repeatable work to reduce time, retain quality and increase efficiency.


After the steel has been through fabrication and pre-fitting, it goes through the blast booth where it is blasted with steel shot to prepare it for paint. Next, it is sent into the paint booth for that notorious Augers Blue or Trencor Yellow. In recent years, there has been an increased focus on paint quality to help withstand the harshest working environments.


There are tool boards located in each assembly area that contains every tool needed to build each assembly. Because of our ISO 9001:2015 certification, all tools used in the production of equipment are certified and calibrated on a yearly basis. “Quality rigs come from quality environments, so we give our craftsmen the tools they need and any further training to succeed,” said Buchanan.

In 2020, American Augers will be celebrating 50 years of manufacturing some of the most rugged and reliable underground construction rigs in the world. The manufacturing process has seen significant changes over the years and with a focus on continuous improvement, the process will see even more changes, but the focus on the customer and the quality of the equipment will never change. If you are interested in joining our team, click here.