Directional Drill


Directional Drills



On board/ Off board cabin configuration

20ft or range 2 drill frames lengths

Full length traveling wrenches


A truly customer-driven design in a rugged package for tough environments

  • The patented Dual man onboard offboard cab for fitting a wide variety of job sites
  • Full length traveling wrenches to assist those stubborn tool joints and allowing to pull tooling up on the drill frame
  • American Auger’s standard slip spindle that can be easily changed when needed
  • Low spindle center allows the pipe to enter the ground closer to the drill when entering at low angles
  • A new MTU Engine that was designed for Tier 4 Final applications. It does not require a regen cycle and loves it when you work it hard


Power Train

  • EngineMTU 6R1300 Tier 4
  • Rating523 HP (390 kW)
  • Fuel Capacity178 U.S. Gallons (674 L)
  • Hydraulic Capacity120 U.S. Gallons (454 L)
  • Hydraulic FilterHigh-Pressure Filtration Return to 6 Micron ABS

Carriage System

  • Maximum Thrust/Pullback240,000 lbs. (108 Tonnes)
  • Carriage SystemRack & Pinion, (4) Pinion Drive with Adjustable Force Limiter
  • Maximum Carriage Speed150 ft. (46 m)/minute
  • Carriage Motors(4) Hydraulic 160cc, Radial Piston/Dual Displacement
  • Carriage Brakes(2) Spring Applied/Hydraulic Release
  • Carriage Gearbox(4) Planetary Drives

Rotary Drive

  • Rotary System(2) Pinion & Gear Drive with Infinitely Variable Torque
  • Maximum Rotary Torque43,900 ft-lbs. (59,520 Nm) @ 37 RPM
  • Maximum Rotary Speed150 RPM
  • Rotary Motors(2) Hydraulic, 486cc, Axial Piston, Variable Displacement
  • Rotary Brakes(1) Spring Applied/Hydraulic Release
  • Fluid Course3 in. (76 mm)
  • Mud SwivelRear Mounted, 4 N.P.T.L.H x 3
  • Slip Spindle5.5 in. (13.97 mm) API-IF Pin
  • Other FeaturesDigital Tachometer, Adjustable Torque Limiter, Wiggle Steer®


  • Wrench StyleTriple Jaw with 10 in. (245 mm) Separation
  • Maximum Breakout Torque80,000 ft-lbs. (108,465 Nm)
  • Clamp/Grip Range4-1/2 in. to 8-1/2 in. (114 – 216 mm) OD

Drill Rig

  • Drill Angle10° - 18°, wireless tramming and setup
  • Drill Pipe20 ft. or Range II 4-1/2 in. and 5-1/2 in. API pipe
  • Travel System

    Self Propelled on Undercarriage Steel Track Crawler Assembly

    Maximum Travel Speed: 1.4 mph (2.25 kph)


    • Es!Lok – Exit Side Lockout System with 5,280 ft. (1,609 m) Range
    • ZAPALERT – Electrical Detection Device
    • Engine Shutdown Switch at the Operators Console, Shutdown at Engine Controller, (8) hinged handrails for full-length thrust frame walkway

Dimensions (can vary)

  • Length52.5 ft. (16 m)
  • Width8.167 ft. (2.5 m) w/ pipe loader option 100.25 in. (2.54 m) w/ full walkway option
  • Height11.5 ft. (3.5 m)

Weights (can vary)

  • Range 2, walkway, 2 man cabin 80,520 transport weight (no foot)
  • Range 2, Pipe loader, 2 man cabin81,510 transport weight (no foot)

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