Directional Drill


Directional Drills


DD-440 T

Full length traveling wrench with hose carrier

Equipped with Quiet Pak technology to reduce noise

Rack and pinion drive with adjustable force limiter


The industry standard 200 tonne drill with a proven track record of reliable performance. It is the model that all others are compared to.

  • Wireless ground drive control allows the operator to set the unit up without being constrained to one area.
  • Standard Telematics for service information and office communication with daily work progress
  • Full length traveling wrenches that can be removed for shipping and servicing
  • Optional 80,000 ft*lbs of rotary torque
  • New 3 ½ inch fluid course for up to 825 gpm of drill fluid flow


Power Train

  • EngineCummins QSX15 Tier 4 final or Tier 3 (depending on country of purchase) Diesel
  • Rating600 HP (447 kW)
  • Fuel Capacity160 U.S. Gallons (605 L)
  • Hydraulic Capacity200 U.S. Gallons (757 L)
  • Battery(2) Deka 908DMF 12 V, 1450 CCA


  • Noise reducing acoustical foam in the engine enclosure.

Wiggle Steer®

  • The Wiggle Steer® System provides the operator of a directional drill the means to rotate the drill pipe and subsequently the cutting head on the drill string back and forth over a predetermined range. This back and forth motion would cause the hole made by the cutting head to be more open in a particular direction and therefore facilitate steering of the drilling pipe in that direction underground.

Carriage System

  • Maximum Thrust/Pullback440,000 lbs. (200 Tonnes)
  • Carriage System440,000 lbs. (200 Tonnes)
  • Maximum Carriage Speed95 ft. (29 m)/minute
  • Carriage Motors(2) Hydraulic 1017 cc, Variable Displacement
  • Carriage Gearbox(2) Planetary Drives

Rotary Drive

  • Rotary System(3) Pinion & Gear Drive with Infinitely Variable Torque
  • Maximum Rotary Torque60,000 ft-lbs. (80,000 Nm) @ 0 – 25 RPM
  • Maximum Rotary Speed97 RPM
  • Rotary Motors(3) 160cc Hydraulic Axial Piston/Variable Displacement
  • Rotary Brakes(2) Spring Applied/Hydraulic Release
  • Fluid Course3.5 in. (88.9 mm)
  • Mud Flow RatePermits up to 825 U.S. Gallons /minute
  • Maximum Mud Pressure1,500 psi (103.4 bar)
  • Mud SwivelRear Mounted, 5 in. (127 mm) IFLH Pin


  • Wrench TravelWrench has full-length thrust frame travel with hose carrier
  • Maximum Breakout Torque230,000 ft-lbs. (311,839 Nm)
  • Maximum Makeup Torque152,000 ft-lbs. (206,085 Nm)
  • Clamp/Grip Range3 in. – 11 3/4 in. (76 – 298 mm) OD
  • Wrench Assembly Motor(2) Hydraulic LSHT, 18.3 CIR
  • Wrench Assembly Brake(1) Spring Applied/Hydraulic Release
  • Wrench Gearbox(2) SGL
  • Hydraulic Wrench Cylinder(6) 8 in. Bore x 3 in. Stroke (203 - 76.2 mm)(6) 8 in. Bore x 3 in. Stroke (203 - 76.2 mm)

Drill Rig

  • Drill Angle10° - 18°
  • Drill PipeRange II – 34 ft. (10.4 m)


  • Es!Lok – Exit Side Lockout System with 1 mile (1.6 km) Range
  • Wiggle Steer®
  • Free standing operator's console with pressure gauges with 17" Touch Screen Display
  • Safety system package with ZapAlert
  • operator's manual and other unit support materials

Transport Dimensions

  • Transport Dimensions50 ft. 9in. (15.47 m)
  • Width8 ft. 2 in. (2.51 m)
  • Height11 ft. 10 in. (3.61 m)

Transport Weights

  • Total Weight98,060 lbs. (44,479 kg)
  • Total Weight w/o Wrench90,260 lbs. (40,941 kg) – Wrench is Removable for Lighter Transport

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