American Augers PinPoint

American Augers Now Offers PinPoint

Introducing PinPoint By American Augers

In a world where every minute, every dollar, and every decision counts, American Augers has listened to your needs. We have launched the beginning of a comprehensive, customer-focused offering, beginning with an industry-leading remote monitoring and maintenance system called PinPoint. This Telematics offering is robust and allows you and your team members to access much more than the ability to locate your rig via GPS. Below is a few of the key items you can keep track of using PinPoint.

  • Carriage force
  • Rotary force
  • Carriage joystick
  • Rotary joystick
  • Mud psi
  • Engine speed
  • Engine hours
  • Engine coolant temp
  • Engine load percent
  • Makeup torque
PinPoint helps take some of the guesswork out of maintaining your rigs. Our remote support team came from field service and are trained in setting predictive service schedules while dialing into your rigs to perform critical service adjustments. This allows us to have parts and technicians in route when needed, all with the goal to improve uptime and reduce downtime.
24/7 365 support by American Augers is now able to better support your needs, and we would be happy to take you through this strategic service offering at your convenience, contact us.