American Augers’ DD-110 Featured In Barcelona

The DD-110 directional drill made an appearance at the Ditch Witch customer event in Barcelona, Spain. American Augers’ DD-110 is available to purchase through the Ditch Witch dealer network which gives the customer a local dealer to help with purchase, service, and parts for their rig. Joe Smith, Director of Sales and Marketing, and Jeremy Herrmann, Service Informatics Strategist, were present to train the Ditch Witch dealers on the new DD-110 program. “It was the first time a piece of our equipment has been on the ground in Spain for customers and dealers to see and experience,” said Smith, “There was a lot of enthusiasm from dealers and customers to be able to see the DD-110 in person.”


The event brought in 425 people to witness the release of the DD-110 program with Ditch Witch in Spain, Smith said. “It was the largest Ditch Witch event ever in Barcelona and both dealers and customers had the chance to see the DD-110 in action.” The customers were then able to participate in live demos and operate the DD-110 as well as the Ditch Witch directional drills.