Dual Power Packs

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American Augers has continued to utilize its wealth of directional drilling experience to provide the Dual Power Pack, a trailer mounted power supply with (2) Caterpillar© diesel engines providing the horsepower for everyday jobsite success! With Run-On-One-Technology System (ROOTS) operating possibilities, this is truly the way to maximize your American Augers directional drills power potential.

Machine Availability

DD-1100   DD-625
Engine (2) C-18 Diesel Engines     Engine (2) C-15 Diesel Engines
Rating 700 HP (529 kW) each
1400 HP (1044 kW) total
  Rating 525 HP (336 kW) each
1050 HP (672 kW) total
Fuel 500 US Gallons (1892 L)   Fuel 500 US Gallons (1892 L)
Hydraulic 300 US Gallons (1135L)   Hydraulic 300 US Gallons (1135L)
Total Weight 66,000 lbs (29,937 kg)   Total Weight 66,000 lbs (29,937 kg)