HDD Accessories

Horizontal Directional Drill Accessories by American Augers compliment your equipment with the right choices that are an easy addition to achieving jobsite success.

Dual Power Packs

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American Augers has continued to utilize its wealth of directional drilling experience to provide the Dual Power Pack, a trailer mounted power supply with (2) Caterpillar© diesel engines providing the horsepower for everyday jobsite success! With Run-On-One-Technology System (ROOTS) operating possibilities, this is truly the way to maximize your American Augers directional drills power potential.

Driller's Cabins

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American Augers has answered the call for a rugged, ISO container-styled operator's cabin. This new construction-grade design with ISO corners is the world standard configuration for offloading during export. 12- gauge corrugated siding and thermo-pane windows frame the latest in this must-have drilling accessory.


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Sound deadening enclosure for your power units. Made up of removable panels that contain 2" of acoustical absorbing material keeping dBs to 80. There are three lockable double doors for easy access.

Pipe Loader

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A Pipe Loader improves safety with less crew around the rig. Features include connected to the thrust frame with pins for easy attachment and removal, can of drill pipe and has processor controlled extension cylinders for accurate an positioning.