Vandalism Shields

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Secure your Auger Boring Machine with a Vandalism Shield by American Augers.

Fabricated from high grade sheet steel, Vandalism Shields are a perfect compliment to any size of American Augers auger boring machine as they:

  • Covers the vulnerable boring machine parts from unforeseen jobsite damage or defacement
  • Protects the machine against foul weather or from damage when hauling the machine on an open truck or trailer
  • Provides an ideal location for your Company Name or Phone Number

Boring Machine Model Vandalism Shield Part Number
24/30-150 24BM9124
36/42-440 NG 36BM9150
36-600 NG 641061
42/48-600 NG 641061
48/54-900 NG 40BM9116
60-1200 NG 60BM9100
72-1200 NG 72BM9100