B-114 Bentonite Mixing Systems

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B-114 Bentonite Mixing Systems


The B-114 by American Augers is a bentonite mixing system that was specifically designed for the auger boring contractor. The standard unit is equipped with a low pressure diaphragm pump that delivers mixes at 14 Gallons (53 L)/per minute @ 200 PSI (14 bar) 515 RPM. Uses the bentonite to modify sticky soils into more manageable ground conditions.

Standard Features

  • 8 HP (5.97 kW) Gasoline Engine
  • 114 Gallon (431.5 L) Tank

Additional Benefits

  • Reliably delivers the bentonite slurry to the lead casing under pressure to reduce friction and will produce a 5% gel concentration in 114 U.S. Gallons (431.5 L) of water, with use of one 50 lbs. (22.68 kg) bag of bentonite, but if soil conditions are very porous (mostly gravel etc.) a thicker gel may be used.
  • Lubricates and supports the pipe while penetrating the soil
  • Assures better grade
  • Improves thrust capabilities
  • Retards sloughing and cave-ins
  • Extends equipment life
  • Speeds up jacking operation
  • Can be used as a pressure washer during clean up time, or for pressure-testing of water lines

Dimensions / Weight

  • Length: 4 ft 4 in. (1.32 m)
  • Width: 3 ft 7 in. (1.09m)
  • Height: 3 ft 8 in. (1.11 m)
  • Weight: 440 lbs. (200 kg)