Mud Pumps & Cleaning Systems

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Mud Pumps

P-350 P-600 P-750


Mud Cleaning Systems

M-200D M-300D M-500PD
M-200D M-300D M-500PD


Drilling Fluid Mixing and Cleaning Systems

American Augers recognizes the essential part that drilling fluid plays in successful directional drilling. Our mud equipment is designed for jobs of every size and includes stand-alone mud pumps that can be used to power the biggest mud motor.

Mud Formula Reference

Hole size diameter squared divided by 24.5 = gallons of soil per foot.

Rule of thumb: The mud system should have 1.5 to 2 times the capacity of the mud pump.

12" reamer 12 x 12 = 144 144 divided by 24.5 = 5.88 gallons of soil per foot A ten-foot long section of a 12" reamer will produce 58.8 gallons of soil.