DD-660RS Maxi-Rig Directional Drills

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  • Pipe-loader transports with the rig
  • Micro-processor, touch screen controls
  • Variable cooling fan for superior noise reduction
  • Cummins QSX15 Tier 4 final engine (or Tier 2 depending on country of purchase)
  • Rapid Setup

Features And Benefits

American Augers has always been a company that seeks to provide industry leading equipment to the pipeline and utility markets. This is evident in the release of the new DD-660RS, 300 tonne Horizontal Directional Drill. This system incorporates many of the steadfast features provided by previous models with some state-of-the-art enhancements. Chief among these enhancements is a new micro-processor control system with a touch screen display. This system allows the operator to fine tune the drilling capacity to the specifications of the product being installed. The state-of-the-art design provides better response time than previous systems and is utilized to display all gauges, read outs, diagnostics, instruction manuals and service contact information.

A “Rapid Setup” feature reduces the amount of time and effort it takes to assemble and disassemble the jobsite for drilling or transportation. Rapid Setup systems are exclusive to American Augers maxi HDD trailered systems and have proven to reduce transportation and setup efforts making the crews more efficient. An optional pipe-loader has been added to the new DD-660RS design that remains on the drill during mobilization and adds to the rapid setup feature.

When an optional pipe-loader is not chosen, the standard pipe stands are included to place the pipe on the drill frame when making up or breaking out each joint of pipe. The new drill frame design funnels all spilled drilling fluid to one single point at the front foot (anchor plate) so it can be contained in a pit or vacuumed up to keep the jobsite clean and dry. As with all newly designed American Augers Maxi HDD systems, full wrench travel up the drill frame is standard for freeing stuck joints and breaking out crossover subs.

A new hydraulically adjustable pipe guide has been incorporated and utilizes a continuous roller design to significantly increase the life and effectivity of the guide.

The enclosed power units are offered in Tier 3 and Tier 4 Final versions. Both utilize hydraulically controlled cooling fans for efficient cooling and greatly reduced noise emissions. These new power units have been designed for easier and more convenient servicing and maintenance.


DD-660RS Performance Specifications

Power Train
Engine Cummins QSX15 Tier 4 Final (or Tier 3 depending on countro of purchase)
Rating 600 HP (447 kW) each
Fuel Capacity 650 U.S. Gallons (1325 L)
Hydraulic Filter High Pressure Filtration and Return to 6 Micron ABS
Battery (2) Deka 908DMF 24 V, 1450 CCA


Carriage System
Maximum Thrust/Pullback 660,000 lbs. (300 Tonnes)
Carriage System Rack & Pinion, (4) Pinion with Adjustable Force Limiter
Maximum Carriage Speed 107 ft. (33 m)/minute
Carriage Motors (4) Radial Piston/Dual Displacement
Carriage Brakes (2) Only on Carriage
Carriage Gearbox (4) Planetary Gearboxes
Hydraulic Pump (4) Piston Pump, Closed Loop


Rotary Drive
Rotary System (4) Pinion & Gear Drive w/Infinitely Variable Torque
Maximum Rotary Torque 80,000 ft-lbs. (108,500 Nm) @ 0 – 34 RPM
Minimum Rotary Torque 30,000 ft-lbs. (40,675 Nm) @ 0 – 90 RPM
Maximum Rotary Speed 90 RPM
Fluid Course 3 3/4 in. (95.25 mm) for increased downhole hydraulic power
Mud Flow Rate Permits up to 1000 U.S. Gallons (3,785 L)/minute flow
Maximum Mud Pressure 1,500 psi (103 bar)
Hydraulic Pump (4) Piston Pump, Closed Loop
Auxiliary Pump (1) Piston  Pump, pressure Compensated
Fluid Course 3 3/4 in. (95.25 mm) for increased downhole hydraulic power
Mud Flow Rate Permits up to 1000 U.S. Gallons (3,785 L)/minute flow
Maximum Mud Pressure 1,500 psi (103 bar)


Wrench Travel Wrench can Travel the Full Length of the Thrust Frame
Maximum Breakout Torque 220,000 ft. lbs. (298,280 Nm)
Maximum Makeup Torque 100,183 ft-lbs. (138,252 Nm)
Clamp/Grip Range 3.5 in.– 10.5 in. (89 – 267 mm) OD
Wrench System Triple Jaw Wrenches with 12 in. (305 mm) separation
Carriage to Wrench Clearance                                   36 ft. (11 m) max.


Drill Rig
Drill Angle 10° - 18°
Drill Pipe Range II – 30 ft. (9.1 m)
Cabin 8x12 ft. skid (8x20 ft. available)


Processor Controls Sauer Danfoss micro-processor controls with touch screen, optional data acquisition
Auxilliary Power Unit 9.9 HP Hatz 1840 diesel engine for rig setup
Pipe Capacity 4
Optional Pipe Loader  


Drill Rig Weights & Dimensions
Maximum Length 64 ft. 10 in. (19.5 m)
Maximum Width 8 ft. 2 in. (2.5m)
Maximum Height (Transport) 12 ft. 1 in. (3.68 m)
Travel Weight 100,300 lbs. (47,763 kg)


Single Power Pack Weights & Dimensions
Maximum Length 19 ft. 8 in. (6 m)
Maximum Width 8 ft. (2.43 m)
Maximum Height 9 ft. 5 in. (2.88 m)
Total Weight 35,500 lbs. (16,103 kg)


Dual Power Pack for Run-On-One-Technology-System (ROOTS)
  • Simultaneously run both power units
  • Permits one power unit to run while powering through the unused power unit
  • Allows one power unit to run, but keeps the unused power unit isolated
  • Excercise the ability to have one power unit running, but have the unused power unit removed
  • Unit maintains full power with single engine, but system runs with half rotational RPM and half carriage drive speed
ISO-Style Driller's Cabin  
ISO-Style Trailer for Power Packs  
Quiet-Pak® Sound Deadening Enclosure  
Certified Pullback Test