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Features And Benefits

  • MTU Tier 4f engine (No Regen) and Tier 3 for non-regulated areas
  • 240,000 lbs. (120 Tonnes) of Maximum Thrust/Pullback Power
  • 43,900 ft-lbs. (59,590 Nm) of Working Rotary Torque
  • Rack & Pinion (4) Pinion Drive with Adjustable Force Limiter
  • Full length traveling wrenches
  • Optional feature configurations for your specific package needs
  • On Board / Off Board cabin configurations
  • 20 ft. or Range 2 Drill Frame Lengths
  • Optional Pipe Loader
  • 10° - 18° Variable Drilling Angle
The Wiggle Steer® System provides the operator of a directional drill the means to rotate the drill pipe and subsequently the cutting head on the drill string back and forth over a predetermined range. This back and forth motion would cause the hole made by the cutting head to be more open in a particular direction and therefore facilitate steering of the drilling pipe in that direction under ground.

The Wiggle Steer System will rotate the Drill Pipe in the Makeup (CW) direction while thrusting forward. It will then rotate the Drill Pipe in the Breakout (CCW) direction but will not thrust in the breakout direction. This method reduces the breakout torque and should prevent the drill string tool joints from parting down-hole.

DD-240T Performance Specifications

Power Train
Engine MTU Tier 4
Rating 523 HP (390 kW)
Fuel Capacity 180 U.S. Gallons (681 L)
Hydraulic Capacity 120 U.S. Gallons (454 L)
Hydraulic Filter High-Pressure Filtration Return to 6 Micron ABS


Carriage System
Maximum Thrust/Pullback 240,000 lbs. (120 Tonnes)
Carriage System Rack & Pinion, (4) Pinion Drive with Adjustable Force Limiter
Maximum Carriage Speed 150 ft. (45.72 m)/minute
Carriage Motors (4) Hydraulic 160cc, Radial Piston/Dual Displacement
Carriage Brakes (2) Spring Applied/Hydraulic Release
Carriage Gearbox (4) Planetary Drives


Rotary Drive
Rotary System (2) Pinion & Gear Drive with Infinitely Variable Torque
Maximum Rotary Torque 43,90 ft-lbs. (59,590 Nm) @ 37 RPM
Maximum Rotary Speed 150 RPM
Rotary Motors (2) Hydraulic, 486cc, Axial Piston, Variable Displacement
Rotary Brakes (1) Spring Applied/Hydraulic Release
Fluid Course 3 in. (76 mm)
Mud Swivel Rear Mounted, 4 N.P.T.L.H x 3
Slip Spindle 5.5 in. (139.7 mm) API-IF Pin
Other Features Digital Tachometer, Adjustable Torque Limiter, Wiggle Steer®


Wrench Style Triple Jaw with 10 in. (245 mm) Separation
Maximum Breakout Torque 80,000 ft-lbs. (108,465 Nm)
Clamp/Grip Range 4-1/2 in. to 8-1/2 in. (114 – 216 mm) OD


Drill Rig
Optional Pipe Loader  
Drill Angle 10° - 18°
Drill Pipe 20 ft. or Range II 4-1/2 in. and 5-1/2 in. API pipe
Travel System
  • Self Propelled on Undercarriage Steel Track Crawler Assembly
  • Maximum Travel Speed: 1.4 mph (2.25 kph)


  • Es!Lok – Exit Side Lockout System with 5,280 ft. (1,609 m) Range
  • ZAPALERT – Electrical Detection Device
  • Emergency Shutdown Switch at the Operators Console
  • (8) hinged handrails for full-length thrust frame walkway


Dimensions (Can vary depending on configuration)
Length 52.6 ft. (15.08 m)
Width 98.4 in. (2.5 m) w/ pipe loader option 100.25 in. (2.54 m) w/ full walkway option
Height 133 in. (3.37 m)


Weights (Can vary depending on configuration)
Range 2, walkway, 2 man cabin 80,520 transport weight (no foot)
Range 2, Pipe loader, 2 man cabin 81,510 transport weight (no foot)