DD-1100RS Maxi-Rig Directional Drills

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  • The ease of mobility and versatility with maximum power
  • 100,000 ft. lbs. (136,000 Nm) maximum rotary torque
  • Optional Pipe Loader
  • Microprocesser controlled

World Record Crossing Strength!

2.05 Miles (3300 m) of 18 in. (460 mm) Pipe

Features And Benefits

  • Caterpillar® C-18 Tier 4i or Tier 3 (depending on country od purchase) Diesel Engine
  • 1,100,000 lbs. (500 Tonnes) of Maximum Thrust/Pullback Power
  • 100,000 ft-lbs. (136,000 Nm) of Maximum Rotary Torque
  • Rack & Pinion 6 Pinion Drive with Adjustable Force Limiter
  • Wrench Travels Full Length of Thrust Frame
  • 4 in. (102 mm) Fluid Course for increased downhole hyd. power
  • Accommodates Range II Drill Pipe
  • 10° - 18° Variable Drilling Angle
  • Run-On-One-Technology-System (ROOTS) capable
The Wiggle Steer® System provides the operator of a directional drill the means to rotate the drill pipe and subsequently the cutting head on the drill string back and forth over a predetermined range. This back and forth motion would cause the hole made by the cutting head to be more open in a particular direction and therefore facilitate steering of the drilling pipe in that direction under ground.

The Wiggle Steer System will rotate the Drill Pipe in the Makeup (CW) direction while thrusting forward. It will then rotate the Drill Pipe in the Breakout (CCW) direction but will not thrust in the breakout direction. This method reduces the breakout torque and should prevent the drill string tool joints from parting down-hole.

DD-1100RS Performance Specifications

Power Train - One Power Pack
Engine Caterpillar C-18 Tier 4i or Tier 3 Diesel (depending on country of purchase)
Rating 765 HP (570 kW)
Fuel Capacity 650 U.S. Gallons (2,460 L)
Hydraulic Capacity 220 U.S. Gallons (833 L)
Hydraulic Filter High Pressure Filtration to 6 Micron ABS


Carriage System
Maximum Thrust/Pullback 1,100,000 lbs. (500 Tonnes)
Carriage System Rack & Pinion, (6) Pinion and Gear with Adjustable Force Limiter
Maximum Carriage Speed 101 ft. (30.7 m)/minute
Carriage Motors (6) 1017 cc Variable Displacement
Carriage Gearbox (6) Planetary Drives
Hydraulic Pump (2) Closed Loop-Piston


Rotary Drive
Rotary System (4) Pinion and Gear Drive with Infinitely Variable Torque
Maximum Rotary Torque 100,000 ft-lbs. (135,600 Nm) @ 0 – 31 RPM
Minimum Rotary Torque 40,000 ft-lbs. (54,230 Nm) @ 0 – 75 RPM
Maximum Rotary Speed 85 RPM
Rotary Motors (4) 160cc, Axial Piston, Variable Displacement
Rotary Brakes (4) Spring Applied, Hydraulic Release
Fluid Course 4 in. (102 mm)
Mud Flow Rate Permits up to 1,000 U.S. Gallons (3,785 L)/per minute
Maximum Mud Pressure 1,500 psi (103 bar)
Mud Shutoff Cylinder 2 in. Bore x 12 in. Stroke (51 - 305 mm)
Mud Blow Down Cylinder 1 1/16 in. Bore x 4 in. Stroke (27 - 102 mm)
Hydraulic Pump (2) Closed Loop-Piston
Auxiliary Pump (1) Pressure Compensated-Piston
Slip Spindle 8 5/8 in. (219 mm)


Wrench Travel Wrench can Travel the Full Length of the Thrust Frame
Maximum Breakout Torque 230,000 ft-lbs. (311,800 Nm)
Maximum Makeup Torque 100,183 ft-lbs. (135,800 Nm)
Clamp/Grip Range 3.5 in.– 10.5 in. (89 – 267 mm) OD
Wrench Motor (2) Hydraulic, LSHT, 12.5 CIR
Wrench Brake (1) Spring Applied, Hydraulic Release


Drill Rig
Drill Angle 10° - 18°
Drill Pipe Range II – 34 ft. (10.4 m)


  • Es!Lok – Exit Side Lockout System with 1 mile (1.6 m) Range
  • ZAPALERT – Electrical Detection Device
  • Run on One Technology system (ROOTS)
  • Free standing operator's console with pressure gauges
  • Operator's manual and other unit support materials


Drill Rig Dimensions
Length 64 ft. 10 in. (19.5 m)
Width 8 ft. 2 in. (2.5 m)
Height 11 ft. 10.25 in. (3.6 m)


Single Power Pack Dimensions
Length 19 ft. 8 in. (5.99 m)
Width 8 ft. (2.43 m)
Height 9 ft. 5 in. (2.88 m)


Single Power Pack Weight
Total Weight 35,500 lbs. (16,103 kg)


Drill Rig Weight
Total Weight With Wrenches: 112,580 lbs. (51,065 kg)


Product Options
Dual Power Pack for Run-On-One-Technology-System (ROOTS)
  • Simultaneously run both power units
  • Permits one power unit to run while powering through the unused power unit
  • Allows one power unit to run, but keeps the unused power unit isolated
  • Excercise the ability to have one power unit running, but have the unused power unit removed
  • Unit maintains full power with single engine, but system runs with half rotational RPM and half carriage drive speed